Increase HDHP Enrollment and Save Money

When more people choose the high deductible health plan, you’ll save on insurance costs right away and reduce medical trends over time. It’s a win-win.

Reduce Expenses

Up-front costs go down

compared to other plans.

Improve Medical Trends

Data shows

medical trends decrease over time.

Create Clarity

HSAs create

peace of mind and savvy consumers.

HSA Education Boosts HDHP Enrollment

The Time is Right

Coordinate with annual renewals and open enrollment.

Create Efficiencies

Align HSA and retirement plan contributions.

"Our employees learned so much from the hour that they spent with Clearview. Many didn’t understand the full scope of opportunities provided by health savings accounts. Clearview introduced some progressive strategies for using HSAs, and I received positive feedback from several employees who were excited to use HSAs in a way that they hadn’t considered in the past."

Benefits Manager

Matrix Resources

"We saw a 41% increase in our HDHP enrollment."

FHLBank of Atlanta


"The feedback from employees has definitely exceeded my expectations."



"It's a different mindset from what we've been doing with our HSA. It certainly makes sense."

Gray TV

Webinar Attendee

Get Your Benefits to Work for You

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Partner with Us

During our initial consult, we'll review your options and timing.

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Education Sessions

We'll teach your employees how the HSA works and why HDHPs are a better option for most people.

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Prepare the Win-Win

Enjoy greater cost savings and happier employees.

Take Your HSA Plan to the Next Level

Your boss will love you, and your employees will, too.

Reasons Employees Don't Choose


  • Learn about the 4 reasons employees don't choose your HDHP.

Your Guide to HSAs and

Tax Benefits

  • An HSA is even better than a 401(k) when it comes to tax benefits. Download your guide to HSAs and Tax Benefits to learn more!

Increase HDHP Enrollment and

Save Money

  • Learn about the 5 ways you save money when HDHP enrollment increases.

HSA Education Program Overview

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Health Savings Account Course

- HSA Overview

- Tax Benefits of HSA vs. Retirement Plan

- How to Align Your Health Savings and Retirement Accounts

- Contribution Strategies

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Health Savings & Investing Course

- How and When to Invest Your HSA

- Product-Specific Overview: 1. Account Basics and Website Functionality & 2. Investment Options

- Asset Allocation and Investment Guidance

- Tracking Your Medical Expenses

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Each Course Includes:

- Timeline for Education

- Promotional Materials

- 3 Live Webinars Per Course

- Handouts

- Short, Shareable Video

- Measurements & Results

Optional Add-On:

- Provider Selection Support
with Benchmarking

Your Benefits Should Be Working for You

With the Clearview Advisory HSA education plan, your employees will learn how these accounts work and why high deductible plans are a better option for most people. When they sign up for your high deductible plan, you'll save money. WIN-WIN.