Gregory Fiore

Managing Partner

“The ideal client is usually defined by profitability, but we do things a little differently here. We want to find it by fit. If a client has the same values and culture, and they view the world the way we view it, then we want to partner with them, regardless of size.”


Working as a National Sales Manager for a U.S. market leader, I noticed that bigger employers received a better client experience with their retirement plans than smaller employers. That sparked an idea for me: Why not innovate a way to give small- and mid-market employers the same high-quality and high-touch retirement plan consulting?


Some people probably thought I was crazy to leave a comfortable corporate job and start my own firm, but it felt like a natural fit to me. As I’ve grown older, I’ve felt a responsibility to help people save for retirement. It’s hard to see people who’ve worked their entire lives, only to struggle financially when they reach retirement age.


This is the heart of what we do at Clearview Advisory. We offer the deep expertise and service to keep retirement planning simple and streamlined for your company and your employees. As a client, we’ll work with you to create and manage high-quality retirement plans so that more of your people are financially healthy and able to retire when THEY choose.


There’s no perfect formula – every plan and participant is unique. We are the experts so you don’t have to be. Leave it to us.


Getting Personal


Outside of the office, my focus is balancing family, philanthropy and hobbies. For those who know me, if I am not riding my bike, I am planning an activity outdoors. With two kids, weekends usually consist of their activities and being involved at Christ the King Church.


Philanthropy is important to both my family and Clearview Advisory. I am involved with The Luke Project, a non-profit that focuses on after school programs for middle school urban youths.